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Undergraduate Admissions Information

1.  Must be eighteen years of age or older.

2.  Must have a High School Diploma, GED, or equivalent,​


 could be waived with documented evidence of relevant religious ministry service experience of not less than 4 years.

3.  Must be able to demonstrate how the degree program will be funded.


4.  A completed admission application must be on file at St. Christy University of Theology & Seminary.


5.  All previous balances must be satisfied (for returning students only).


Requirements for Undergraduate Admission

All prospective students seeking admission into any of St. Christy University of Theology & Seminary’s (SCUTS) non-academic religious undergraduate degree programs must satisfy the following requirements to gain admission to SCUTS:

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Application Procedure

Bachelor Degree Programs Admissions

The requirements for admission to undergraduate study at  St. Christy University of Theology & Seminary (SCUTS) shall be as stated by the Board of SCUTS.  A person who satisfies the part of the criteria applicable to his or her educational context and who meets the following criteria may be admitted to SCUTS. SCUTS reserves the right to review any supplemental information to an application at any point in the admissions process.  The staff of SCUTS and enrollment personnel will evaluate such information for its accuracy and helpfulness to the admissions process.

Admissions Deadlines

St. Christy University of Theology & Seminary's flexible admissions process does not include early application deadlines, and applicants may be accepted through the start of classes each semester.  However, applicants are encouraged to apply by posted scholarship deadlines to take advantage of financial aid opportunities and maximize course registration options.

Ministry Development
Christian Education
Ministry Administration

1.  Complete a St. Christy University of Theology & Seminary application form (available online, hard copies must be requested through the address below).​ 


2.  Attach a recent photograph to the application form (for hard copy application only, a photograph must be submitted by all students before matriculation of each student).

3.  Submitted verifiable documentary evidence of Ministry experience in lieu of academic qualifications (including ministry ordination certificates, or similar religious credentials. The submitted document will be reviewed for approval by the Office of Enrollment Services of St. Christy University of Theology & Seminary).

4.  Three non-relative references, the forms for which are included with the Application for Admission. The recommender may also provide a letter of recommendation. The reference form and letter should be sent directly by the recommender to the Office of Enrollment Services. References should come from the following:

   a.  Senior Pastor or Ecclesial Supervisor (if the applicant is the Senior Pastor).

   b.  Personal (Persons other than family members of the applicant).


Clergy applicants may submit additional references from other clergies, faculty, employers, and/or other mature adults.

5.  Official transcripts:

Official transcripts detailing a previous study from each High School or college attended, GED certificate (if applicable) embossed with the school seal, must be sent directly (electronically or as hard-copy) from the issuing institution to the Office of Enrollment Services.  An applicant with course work in progress toward the fulfillment of a degree is required to submit an official final transcript verifying receipt of that degree after completion of the course work.  A student will not be allowed to register for more than one semester without a final transcript on file at SCUTS.

6.  Upon acceptance, an official letter of acceptance will be sent.


7.  A background check at matriculation. To be admitted to a degree program or take classes with ministry assignments, a person must have participated in the background check system used by SCUTS.  Information about this process is available in the Office of Enrollment Services.

8.  Application fee*


*There is no upfront application fee; however, a deferred $15 (United States dollars, or in its equivalent) application fee will be assessed during financial check-in. This fee is waived for qualifying serving clergy, military service members, veterans, and military spouses – documentation verifying military status is required.

9.  Upon admission, students are expected to agree to abide by the following pledge: “I do solemnly promise

that I will diligently and faithfully attend the instructions and exercises of this Seminary, observe its rules of conduct relating to students, respect the admonitions of the instructional staff, and cooperate with the spirit and spiritual emphasis of SCUTS while I continue as a student of the institution.”

10.  Admission is valid for two years from the original entrance term for which the applicant is accepted.  If initial enrollment is postponed for more than two years, the applicant may be required to re-apply.

11. The final admission decision rests with the Office of Enrollment Services of St. Christy University of Theology & Seminary Inc.

Mail completed application and all supporting document to:


Office of Enrollment Services 

St. Christy University of Theology & Seminary

 2089 Yellowtail Way

San Diego


92139 U.S.A.


You will graduate with the ability to position yourself for advancement while increasing your impact, influence, and opportunities wherever God calls you

St. Christy University of Theology & Seminary’s mission-driven and hands-on graduate programs will propel you into becoming a world-changer, visionary, innovator, and an effective Christian leader with distinction. 


    Our non-academic and practical graduate programs are strategically designed to fine-tune your professional skills in religious ministry and gives you a chance to apply your professional experience gained through years of religious ministry service towards earning a graduate degree. 


    Along with these opportunities, our professors are committed to helping you reach your goals through one-on-one mentoring and a Whole Person approach to alternative traditional education. Develop pastoral leadership and religious ministry management skills while you learn from a world-class faculty in a Christian environment.


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