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Program Costs & Fees

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Tuition Payments

St. Christy University of Theology & Seminary offers students several tuition plans to pay for their education. You can pay your tuition in three easy installments, or you can spread the payments over several months. All plans are interest-free. Another option is to pay your tuition all upfront for a substantial discount.

Tuition Discounts

      ● 15% discount for paying full tuition upon admission acceptance to St. Christy University of Theology &Seminary
      ● 8% discount for paying tuition within 35 days


Payment Options


US Check or Money Order


You may pay your tuition with a check drawn from a US bank. You may also use a Money Order or Cashier’s check drawn off a US or Canadian government or financial institution.  Students outside the US or Canada may also use Money Orders, Cashier’s checks, or possibly arrange payments through Western Union, MoneyGram, or by a major credit card.


Credit Card


St. Christy University of Theology & Seminary offers you the option to pay tuition by credit card.  All major cards are accepted. This applies to payment plans for the full tuition or the three payment (or less) installment plans.  Also for monthly payment plans of $100.00 or above.


Returned Checks


Checks that are returned to our financial office will be accessed a NSF fee.  The student will be placed on financial hold until their account is brought up to date—including all incurred fees.


Overdue Accounts


Students that pay for their tuition interest-free over time and fall behind in their payments may be placed on financial hold. A student on hold will not be sent any new courses nor receive any grades, diplomas, or transcript. Students on a payment plan are required to sign a contract stating that they will make payments in a timely manner. Students who stop making payments without contacting the financial office will be in default of their contract and may be placed on inactive status. In certain cases, their tuition balance may be considered due before academic activity may resume.


In any case, if you fall behind and are in trouble, contact the financial office as soon as possible. We are here to help!

Graduation Fees

Candidates for graduation may elect to travel to attend Commencement Exercises at locations as shall be determined by St. Christy University of Theology & Seminary. Students who so elect will be charged a fee of $200.00. Exact fees are subject to change due to the variation of cap and gown fees; also, other costs may vary.
All fees, tuition, etc., must be paid before graduation. No exceptions, please.


 St. Christy University of THeology & Seminary offers several types of scholarships for undergraduate studies.  Please check back later to see available scholarship opportunities for which you may be eligible.

Contact Us

For further information, please contact the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships at

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