Imagine Yourself with a Religious Doctorate Degree - No academic Degree Required for admission



Message from the Vice-Chancellor

Traditional forms of religious ministry development has drastically shifted in form and scope.  Those that experience the call of God upon their lives, and desire to serve in any of the diverse roles in ministry, usually seek to acquire knowledge and skills essential to fulfill their calling into ministry service.


    St. Christy University of Theology & Seminary (SCUTS) provides alternative form of traditional training in religious ministry development by offering credentialing opportunities to those called into religious ministry service to receive non-academic religious undergraduate and postgraduate degree certifications designed to empower the men and women of God already serving in diverse roles in a religious ministry or organization.  

No academic degree is required for admission to any of our non-academic religious degree programs.

Rev. Dr. E. K. Ogoe-Anderson 

  • Religious Ministry Leadership &  Administration

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       o you desire to take your ministry to a                higher level?  Do you desire to achieve a religious degree but do not have any academic education commensurate with the level of degree program?  Do you have any experience in any role in a religious ministry setting or religious organization?


    If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then, St. Christy University of Theology & Seminary (SCUTS) is the best place for you.  We offer non-academic religious bachelors, masters, and doctoral degree programs. 

    No academic degree is required for admission to any of our religious masters and doctoral degree programs.

(President & Vice-Chancellor)

I personally implore you to explore our various degree programs and apply for admission right now.

God Bless You.


This is the basic requirement to enroll in the Global Evangelist Certification Program. 

Become a Global Evangelist Now...

What are you waiting for? Click to apply and stand-out among your peers. 
Adding the religious title - Global Evangelist is the way to go now....Click-n-apply now..
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This is a 4-Module Global Evangelist 

Certification Program for Gospel  Media Industry Stakeholders: Gospel Movie Actors, Gospel Music Artistes, Gospel Radio Presenters/Producers/Managers, Gospel Social Media Broadcasters. 

No formal academic education is required to become eligible for certification in this program. 

You are already telling others about Jesus Christ and His second coming.   

Share your already earned ministry experience with upcoming ministers and be recognized.





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Free Vocational Apprenticeship Programs for Teen-Mothers

Fresh Start for Teenage Mothers.  Free Vocational Apprenticeship and Trade School Scholarships.  Must be willing to accept life changing modules of this program to Qualify for Enrollment.

Admission and Graduation
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Admission and Graduation

* Visa Application Assistance Available for International Participants.

Children & Youth Development Programs
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St. Juliana Dufie Girl Child 
Education Trust Fund

St. Christy University of Theology & Seminary offers educational sponsorship for disadvantaged female children between the ages of 6 - 16 years.

  The programs under this trust fund is open to all female children within this age bracket.  SCUTS do not discriminate based on race or religious affiliation...

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Youth in Gospel Ministry

Become a Youth Minister and be an agent of positive change in your community and country.  Share fellowship with other Youth Ministers from around the globe and get the opportunity to travel around the globe to be a disciple for Jesus Christ.

Designed to train and equip program participants in the knowledge and application of bible principles crafted to prepare and empower youth for non-vocational religious ministry service.  This program is opened to all Youth between the ages of 16 - 35 years old.