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Volunteer Faculty Members

Thank you for your interest in becoming a St. Christy University of Theology & Seminary (St. Christy University) Volunteer.

Volunteer with St. Christy University

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St. Christy University is based on the premise that

religious education is crucial to the advancement of individuals experiencing the Calling of God on their life to serve in Religious Ministry in diverse capacities (including but not limited to Pastors, Evangelists, Religious Teachers, Religious Ministry Workers, etc.) and their societies at large. 

Millions of such individuals around the world, especially in developing countries, are excluded from higher education for various reasons including the need for academic pre-requisites prior to gaining admission to Graduate and Undergraduate level of religious education. All admissions to St. Christy University programs are not based on completed academic studies but are heavily based on your years of practical and documented religious ministry-related experience.


St. Christy University is a 501(c)3 Religious & Educational Organization Charity and Non-Profit organization registered with the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS). As a volunteer with St. Christy University, you help make the dream of attainable religious non-academic higher education anywhere, come true.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer online Course Instructor Positions are now available


Whether it’s creating, organizing, or reviewing course materials, mentoring students, or hosting discussion groups, St. Christy University of Theology & Seminary has many different exciting volunteer opportunities for everyone.

Complete the self-assessment questionnaire, and start the application.

1.  Do you have a conferred bachelor's degree or above in the subject area in which you desire to teach?

3.  Can you dedicated on the average of about 15 hours per week to facilitate students in the learning process by monitoring individual and peer-learning activities and assessing learning achievements, checking in on courses frequently, but at a minimum once every 48 hours, and regularly checking in and responding to both student and administrative emails?

2.  Do you have not less than 10 years of practical and documented religious ministry experience in the subject area in which you desire to teach?

4.  St. Christy University offers tri-semester instructional terms per calendar year and courses are six to nine weeks in duration, are you able to commit to teaching at least twice per year?

5.  Do you agree to support our mission to open the gates to higher non-academic religious education to all qualified applicants and making sure that no students will be left behind? By agreeing to volunteer, do you agree to receive a token honorarium for your services?

Volunteer Benefits

St. Christy University faculty volunteer members are given the highest priority in participating in all St. Christy University organized international conferences and seminars around the globe.  A great opportunity to travel around the world and fellowship with like-minded Christian Ministers and Fellow Volunteer Faculty Members.  The cost of travel is partially supported by St. Christy University (subject to availability of funds).

4.  Free Participation in all St. Christy University Organized International Conferences and Seminars around the Globe for your Service

3.  Receive Honorarium for your Service

St. Christy University rewards our cherished volunteers with a handsome token honorarium for your professional skills, experience, and your services to help to guide St. Christy University students in their quest for knowledge.

2.  An Interdisciplinary Effort

St. Christy University needs volunteers with a variety of backgrounds, talents, and levels of expertise. Your professional skills and experience will help to guide St. Christy University students in their quest for knowledge.

1.  Fits Your Schedule

St. Christy University will always work with you to provide rewarding experiences, whatever your schedule.

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