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Office of International Programs


Imagine Yourself with a Religious Doctorate Degree - No academic Degree Required for admission



Message from the Vice-Chancellor

Traditional forms of religious ministry development has drastically shifted in form and scope.  Those that experience the call of God upon their lives, and desire to serve in any of the diverse roles in ministry, usually seek to acquire knowledge and skills essential to fulfill their calling into ministry service.


    St. Christy University of Theology & Seminary (SCUTS) provides alternative form of traditional training in religious ministry development by offering credentialing opportunities to those called into religious ministry service to receive non-academic religious undergraduate and postgraduate degree certifications designed to empower the men and women of God already serving in diverse roles in a religious ministry or organization.  

No academic degree is required for admission to any of our non-academic religious degree programs.

Rev. Dr. E. K. Ogoe-Anderson 

International Religious Programs

International Religious Programs

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