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Meals 4 Heroes

Meals for Serving Military Members & Veterans

Meals4Heroes serves as the catalyst in America to honor our nation’s courageous, vulnerable, and struggling young veterans by eliminating their hunger.


Our mission is to eliminate hunger in vulnerable military veterans primarily under age 60 who live in Riverside County, California.

The Older Americans Act of 1965 provides funding for folks 60+ to get meals, but if you’re younger than 60 you will get turned away from these meal programs. This is the basic problem Meals for Heroes addresses.

We believe that the hunger so many veterans currently endure is unacceptable. We are stepping up to meet this urgent need―focusing on veterans under age 60 living in and around Riverside County, a population with limited access to consistent, wholesome, life-sustaining food.

Our nation’s recently discharged service members often find themselves reentering communities without the structured support systems they once knew and relied upon in the armed forces.  We believe it’s an honor to provide these veterans with valuable life-sustaining, nutritious meals.

US Army

$3.15(minimum donation amount)

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Riverside County, California 

New Year 2021 Event

Monthly Fundraising (Dec.2020)

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